Two evenings with Dharma teacher Jeff Oliver

Meditation: Beginning, Middle and (getting) Advanced

‘APARTMENTS’ meditation studio, Ekkamai
Mon 23, Tue 24, Weds 25 February : 7-8:30pm 

Note – Pandit made a mistake with the dates, so Monday 23rd will be with Pandit, and then 24/25 with Jeff Oliver


One of our regular, and most popular, meditation teachers Jeff Oliver will be in Bangkok for a special 3 evening session. He’s a a great speaker – interesting and informative. He’ll be sharing his experience about meditation – getting started, getting established and getting advanced : over 3 evenings.

There is no charge for these events. Donations for the refreshments, and for travelling expenses are welcome.

  • Monday 23rd February: Getting started with a meditation practise (with Pandit Bhikkhu)
  • Tuesday 24th February: Getting your meditation established and regular
  • Wednesday 25th February: Getting advanced in meditation – things to look out for


About Jeff

We’ve hosted Jeff in Bangkok many times – he is always a reliably good public speaker – both entertaining and inspirational. He was formerly a monk for several years in Myanmar under the well known meditation master Sayadaw U Janaka. He’s written several books, and currently lives as a full time dharma teacher (when he’s not surfing in his home country Australia) leading retreats and giving talks in Turkey, Bali, Malaysia, Bangkok, and other places.jeff

Jeff’s style is highly pragmatic, rather than scholarly. He teaches mediation and dharma from his own 20+ year experience as a monk, meditator, and dharma speaker.


About the Topics

Meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, is getting popular these days. Even the British Parliament are getting in to the act. But it isn’t easy! It takes a lot of effort to put down your thinking, cogitating, worrying mind. There are all kinds of difficulties.

Monday 23rd, the talk will look at some of the things to expect as you get a meditation practise started, and how to get over the initial hurdles.

Tuesday 24th: As you get more regular with meditation, and your body gets more accustomed to the posture, new difficulties arise. How to balance effort and letting go, how to work with posture pain and other hindrances

Wednesday 25th: Once you are well established as a regular meditator, the focus falls more on dharma principles rather than problem solving daily meditaiton experience. The meditation itself gets more simple in format, though more tricky to maintain progress.

You don’t need to be any particular level for these talks. Everyone is welcome, and you are sure to pick up some new tips, and insights. If you can’t attend all three sessions, feel free to come as you are available.


All three sessions will be in ‘APARTMENTS’ meditation studio – our new little Bangkok Meditation centre. Feel free to come earlier from 6:30pm (ish) if you’d like to meet a few of the regulars or catch Jeff before the start of the event.

The centre is 4 minutes walk from Ekkamai BTS station, Bangkok, Thailand.

  • 7-7:30pm gather at the centre – refreshments are available
  • 7:30-8:30 Dharma talk and Q&A
  • 8:45pm we’ll definitely be wrapped up and finished by 8:45pm

The map is fabulously clear:


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    Military mindfulness? Wow! What’s next? Mindful wars? Mindful killing? This is blatant example of wrong mindfulness (miccha sati,) not the right one (samma sati) as stipulated in the eightfold path. The mindfulness craze is getting so out of hand that I hope people would not someday kill mindfully, steal mindfully, sexually misbehave mindfully, lie mindfully, intoxicate themselves mindfully, etc. But who knows?

    Sorry this may not be the right place to post the link but I am desperate to share it with anyone who would listen. At least it has something to do with Buddhism. Thanks.

  2. Would be honoured to attend, but need to know if the studio is accessible– no stairs/ having elevator kind of thing.

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