Below is the schedule for Pandit Bhikkhu’s visit to Singapore 20-30th June 2014

Smaller events, lunches etc will be added here if you want to keep up with activities. Feel free to contact Pandit or Sister Puay if you’d like to arrange anything extra.

At a glance:

  • Sunday 22nd, morning @ BF
  • Thursday 26th, evening @ PMT cancelled due to Work Permit problems
  • Friday 27th, evening @ PMT cancelled due to Work Permit problems
  • Saturday 28th, afternoon @ BF
  • Sunday 29th, morning @ BF


BF West: 2 Telok Blangah Street 31, #02-00 Yeo’s Building, Singapore 108942

Tel:+65 6278 0900 Fax: +65 6278 0102 Email:

Sunday 22nd June 11am @ the Buddhist Fellowship (West)

Meditate Because You Want To

You have heard of meditation. You have seen the research. The health benefits. The mental benefits. You have seen your friends meditate. You have heard that Hollywood is getting in on the act. Many reasons, but it is still difficult to put in the hours of cushion time. Well the best motivator of all to do meditation is the most simple – because you want to!

Sunday 29th June 11am  @ the Buddhist Fellowship (West)

Long Listed for Enlightenment

7 events in meditation – people get into all kinds of meditative spaces – driving, dancing, arts … but real meditation is not just being peaceful. Here are some of the key events for a meditator that will occur if you are on the right path.

Saturday, 28th  June: Buddhist Fellowship (West) 3.30pm Youth Service

The Grateful Beasts

Based on the Faerie Tale we will explore the dharma of desire transformation and empowerment – this is a story that is not for children, but of the way to marshal your strengths and energy!


Dharma Talks for Poh Ming Tse Temple  cancelled due to Work Permit problems
7:30pm-10:00pmTel: 6466 0785 Fax: 6467 7810

The Buddha Is Still Teaching  cancelled due to Work Permit problems

Studies show there is a start of Early Buddhist Texts – what scholars consider to be the closest we can get to the actual words of the Historical Buddha. One of these presents human consciousness in a way that can even inform modern researchers into the Human Experience.

Part 1: Thursday 26th June 2014  cancelled due to Work Permit problems

The Arising of the World – where this whole World of Samsara comes from

Part 2: Friday 27th June 2014  cancelled due to Work Permit problems

The End of the World – when delusion comes crashing down in sudden Enlightenment

Based on the Chachakka Sutta (MN 148).


3 replies on “Pandit’s Schedule in Singapore”

  1. After visiting Phra Ajahn Chayasaro at Pak Chong last year together with Phra Ajahn Pandit’s group. I appreciated the way the latter tried to spread out our Lord Buddha’s teachings, particulaly in the field of meditation. Please keep on with your busy works, and I for one who follow up your religious activities from email.

  2. Dear Pandit,

    It appears you will be doing teaching in Singapore.

    You may wish to contact my friend Soon Han Kweh. He organizes dhamma talks in Singapore on an almost continuous basis. You may tell him I suggested the contact.

    I will be with Luang Por Sumedho in Washington State and California , June , July before I return for the month of Aug to deal with our house construction. Pace is steady but not fast. Roof beams to go in next week or so.

    We will fly to England from US in Oct to attend the kathina on the 30th anniversary of Amaravati then back to Thailand mid – Nov.



  3. Thanks for the comment Khun Damrong – Bangkok is the frontier land as far as English dhamma goes – no one wants to stay here and commit to anything. So I do what I can ….
    Nice t hear from you Edward. I’ll mail your friend in Singapore. I go there every year and am always well looked after.
    When you get back in August I’ll be just starting this year’s big dhamma talk series.

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