That Silly Mind – Sayadaw U Jotika

Following is an excerpt from a book collected from Sayadaw U Jotika’s letters entitled Snow in the Summer.

It is available in Thai and English (some copies will be available on Tuesday 1st Feb when we have a public talk with Sayadaw)

I have been watching my mind for so many years now. So I am very much aware of my mind. I know how stupid, sill, foolish, mischievous the mind can be, but because I am aware of it, it cannot carry me away.

I have forgotten most of what I have learnt from books. I don’t want to remember too many things …. But I know a lot about myself, my mind, my mental states, all the bad silly things about me. I’ve been taught by people that  such things are shameful, that I should feel guilty for having such thoughts. I refused to believe them. I know that all of us have such thoughts but most of us deny that.

I am not going to tell people all about me. I accept (I don’t resist) all about me, good and bad.

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Don’t miss this rare chance to see Sayadaw in person, Tuesday 1st Feb. Really.

2 replies on “That Silly Mind – Sayadaw U Jotika”

  1. Ven. Phra Pandit, due to prior commitment, I am unable to attend however I would like to receive a copy of his book in English “Snow in the Summer”. Please keep it with you until we get the chance to meet, hopefully during Ringku Tulku Rinpoche’s visit.

    1. I have some copies in English (320 baht as I recall) and some in Thai (240 baht ish). They belong to DMG, so we have to charge. However nearly 50% of that will go to Sayadaw’s charity. Do you want a signed copy? Also, the books are all available at DMG level 23 of Amarin Tower.

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