2:00- 5:00 pm @ the World Fellowship of Buddhists

Sunday, 3rd March


On March, 3 (Sunday) The World Fellowship of Buddhists (The WFB) will organize a Dhamma Talk and Meditation Class on the topic “The Role of Joy in Buddhist Practice.”  The guest speaker is Mr. Robin Moore, formerly Suriyo Bhikkhu (1990-2007), an American monk associated with Wat Pah Nanachat, Ubon Ratchathani, Abbot of Hartridge Buddhist Monastery, Devon, UK (2003-2006). The class will be in English.

2:00 – 5:00 – Dhamma Talk and Meditation

Participants are welcome to join the session any time. However, we encourage you to attend the whole session.

Attendance is free of charge.

 About the guest speaker:

Robin Moore was a monk in the Thai Forest tradition of Luang Por Chah for 18 years, living in both Thailand and the UK. The latter included four years (2003 to 2007) as abbot of Hartridge Monastery in Devon, UK. He is a translator from Thai into English and his work includes Bhikkhu Payutto’s Buddhadhamma. He lives in Bangkok.


Getting there:

The class will be organized at the Headquarters of the World Fellowship of Buddhists, 2nd Floor, No. 616

The address of the WFB Headquarters is: Benjasiri Park, Sukhumvit 24 off Soi Medhinivet, Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok.

Please see the map: