WBU Forum 6th Sept

Program :            WBU SUNDAY FORUM

Topic :                 The Universal Curriculum : Applying Buddhist Teachings

                             To the 21st Century

Date & Time :     September 6,   2552(2009), 12.00-13.30 P.M.

Speaker ;             Mr. Alan  Oliver

About the Topic :         “The Universal Curriculum : Applying Buddhist Teachings To the 21st Century”

          Often we study the core Buddhist teachings in the context of the total Buddhist religion including all the devotional aspects accumulated over 2,500 years.  What happens when we strip away all this context to view the teachings in all their simplicity as a way of life, as an analysis of how the mind works and as a pathway to health and happiness?  When applied to human development models in the 21st Century, these core teachings open the door to freedom and liberation.  Do we dare to fully follow them and create a universal curriculum that describes a different way of thinking, a radically different natural process of practice in our lives?  This is a decision we all face. Are you ready to discover your Buddha Nature and the dharma of Universal Consciousness ?

About the Speaker :

Alan Oliver is from the U.S.A. and has been practicing with Buddhist teachings for the past 26 years. He entered Buddhist practice through the Zen tradition, but has gradually experienced a broadening and deepening of his practice that has taken him beyond the separate traditions into an appreciation of the here and now and how the teachings are essential to living in the modern world. Most recently, he worked for the WBU as a Project Manager for four years and has in the past presented talks at this Sunday Forum. He is now associated with a Buddhist teacher in Ladakh, India, Vivek, who also briefly worked of the WBU. He is currently visiting Thailand after a two month stay in Ladakh where he assisted Vivek in starting a new non-profit which will develop the Universal Curriculum. He resides in New Jersey, USA.

Location :
Meeting Room, the World Buddhist University, 3rd floor, WFB Headquarters Bldg., in Benjasiri Park, Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Time : 12.00-13.30 pm. All are welcome to join the programme free of charge. For more information, please call 02-258-0369 to -0373, fax 02-258-0372, or see www.wb-university.org.

The WBU shares the same building with the WFB (World Fellowship of Buddhists), and can be found by our maps below. It is on the third floor. The WBU is open most office hours, and the building can be entered from the rear of the building from the Soi. The front gate that faces the park is generally locked, but there is access to walk through to the rear.

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