Zen Club Meet: Sat 27th Feb

Bangkok’s Korean Soen (Zen) club,

Saturday 27th February : 7-9pm (sharp)

(a wholesome way to spend your Saturday evening)

The next Seon Club is on the 27th of February, and it would be really nice if everyone could, if possible, read Chapter Four of ‘No River to Cross’ before coming.

Yesterday we found it really useful to be able to stick to the text and so had a really fruitful discussion. Hopefully, we can do much the same next month.

The book is available in the Kinokuniya bookstore in Paragon, but if people can’t get hold of it, no problem- you’ll be more than welcome to come and join in anyway!

See everyone on the 27th!


Marcus / Seok Jeong

Bangkok Seon Club

The Bangkok Seon Club is an English-language Zen group that will be meeting monthly at the Bangkok Hanmaum Seonwon  aka the One-mind Zen Centre near Ekamai BTS (map and directions below)  to share experiences and study Korean Zen in general, and the teachings of Zen Master Daehaeng Kunsunim in particular.

Meetings will be open to all comers interested in Korean Zen Buddhism, whatever your background in Buddhism or meditation.


Daehaeng SunimThe Bangkok Hanmaum Seon Center is an overseas branch ofHanmaum Seonwon, established by Seon Master Daehaeng Kunsunim (a female Seon master widely respected throughout Korea) in 1972, and part of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism – the largest Buddhist Order in Korea with a history stretching back over 1,200 years.

‘Seon’ by the way, is the Korean word for ‘Zen’, and Master Daehaeng’s teaching is to realize and awaken to our inherent nature, also called Buddha-nature, inherent mind, or Juingong.

Daehaeng Kun Sunim teaches people to

Believe in your foundation, Juingong, and entrust it with everything that confronts you. Then go forward while observing and experimenting with what you experience.

The Bangkok branch of Hanmaum Seonwon was established ten years ago and serves the spiritual needs of Korean residents and visitors in the city. It is very much a centre of the Korean Buddhist community, and many families attend regularly with children of all ages.

The founder does not reside at this branch temple, but it is run by two resident female sunims (teachers) who arrange regular ceremonies and teachings.

Our meetings will be led by the senior resident Sunim Kun Hyaedan Sunim, who has been ordained for many years, and/or by the other Sunim at the centre, Kun Hyaegyu Sunim. Regular attendees include English-speaking members of the Seon Centre (who kindly help with translation when needed), Dr. Lee Bhikkhuni (American)from the Women’s International Meditation Centre in Rayong, and a number of other non-Koreans interested in Seon Buddhism.

The monthly Bangkok Seon Club meetings is the first major English-language project undertaken by the centre, and despite being a new group is already generating much interest.


This Korean lineage differs somewhat from the more well known Japanese Zen schools in meditation style. One surrenders to ones own Buddha-nature (Juingong), a giving up of the self to the natural flow of Dhamma and wisdom. Instructions will be given for the formal sitting period at the start of each meeting, so please arrive before time so as not to disturb the sitting.

A few points to note:

  • * Please try to arrive in plenty of time as the meetings start with a short meditation, and we try to finish at 9pm sharp too.
  • * There are no bare feet in Korean temples, it would be much appreciated if those wishing to come will remember to bring socks!
  • * It is a good idea to buy a copy of the book we are studying, ‘No River to Cross’, if you intend to attend regularly. Copies will be available at the centre.
  • * This is a good chance here in Bangkok to study in a Zen Buddhist temple with fully ordained Zen monks in a close and supportive practice group. See you on Saturday!


The Bangkok Hanmaum Seon Centre

86-1 Soi 4 Sukhumvit 63

BTS  Ekamai Station – Exit 1

Take Exit 1 from Ekamai Station, and go down Ekamai Road (aka Sukhumvit 63). Turn right along Soi 4 and go to the end. Turning left you will see the Centre on your right a few meters along.

A motorcycle from Ekamai can also take you there cheaply. Ask for the ‘Wat Gao-lii’ (Korean temple).

Click map for a lager version:


4 replies on “Zen Club Meet: Sat 27th Feb”

  1. Hi,

    I am a Lay Minister of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (Soto Zen). I am over for a week from the UK and I am reading No River to Cross.
    Would be OK/appropriate for me to come along on Saturday?

    In gassho,

    Andi Sinclair OBC

  2. Hi Andi Sinclair OBC,

    Wonderful! It will be good to see you!

    The Bangkok Seon Club is a pretty small group – and yet also (like most English-language Dharma events in Bangkok) very diverse, with people coming along from all kinds of different backgrounds and traditions. It will be fabulous to have you there.

    Some of us (but not the Sunims though as they have to get up early the next morning) usually go out for a late dinner afterwards too if you’d care to join us. See you on Saturday!


    Marcus / Seok Jeong

  3. Hi,

    A big thank you to Hyaedan Sunim, Mrs Nam, Young, Arthur, Kirsten, Andi from the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, and to everyone at the Bangkok Hanmaum Seonwon for a wonderful and very inspiring Seon Club meeting last night.

    The next meeting of the Bangkok English-language Seon Club will be on Saturday, March the 27th. Same place, same time, more wonderful teachings, practice, and sharing. Open to anyone interested in Seon / Zen Buddhism.

    And thank you again Andi for coming along last night and all the best for the rest of your week in Bangkok. Hopefully see you at the Littlebang meditation group tomorrow!

    With palms together,

    Marcus / Seok Jeong

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