Asalha Puja
Turning the Wheel of Dharma

Thai National Holiday
Monday 22nd July
at the Indus, Suk 26

Free of charge, no need to register – just come and join in.

Experience this central aspect of Thai culture and Buddhism in the comfortable and spacious surrounding of the Indus Restaurant. This is the first time this particular auspicious day has been celebrated in Bangkok in the English language. The Event is open to all who have an interest in Thai culture!


ASALHA PUJA day commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon when he taught the Four Noble Truths, which remains his most important teaching.

In Thailand it is a national holiday. All Thai people will travel to their favourite temples for the requisite circumambulation of the main hall, and dhamma talks on the ‘Dhammacakka Sutta‘ in which this first teaching is preserved. During the day in all temples the monk’s will recite the entire sutta from memory.

We will hold our own special event for this day, in the elegant setting of the Indus Restaurant on Sukhumvit 26. There will be a Dhamma talk on this key teaching of Buddhism, and then Pandit Bhikkhu and Ven Kusalo will attempt to recite the entire sutta from memory. This is followed by offering lunch to the monks.


  • 9:45 am meet at the Indus
  • 10:00 Dhamma Talk with Pandit Bhikkhu on the Dhammacakka Sutta
  • 10:45 Questions and comments
  • 11:00 Recitation of the Dhammacakka Sutta
  • 11:20 Lunch and other offerings
  • 11:30 Blessing and ‘Victory Chant’
  • 11:35 finish.



After the Buddha had attained enlightenment he went in search of his five former friends who were still pursuing ascetic practises. He told them he had finally found the Enlightenment they had been seeking. At first they were not confident, but since he’d never claimed this before, they listened. Then the Buddha gave the Dhammacakka Sutta, or Turning the Wheel of Dhamma, where he outlined the ‘Middle Way’ between asceticism and luxury, and the Four Noble Truths about suffering. This remains the key teaching of all Buddhist Schools.


One day mindfulness meditation workshop, Bangkok


Pandit Bhikkhu is an English Buddhist Monk living in Bangkok, organising activities relating to Buddhism and Thai culture here in Bangkok, through the Little Bangkok Sangha, and teaching in the Buddhist University Mahaculalnogkorn Vidhayalaya, in Ayutthaya.

More background here.



The Dhammacakka Sutta is the key teaching of Buddhism, and is something that should be familiar to all people interested in Buddhism and mindfulness practise. In fact there are 50+ versions of the sutta, although they all agree on the core message – quite a remarkable fact after 2500 years!

The sutta contains the classic teaching on the Middle Way, and of the Four Noble Truths, that is the foundation of all Buddhist Schools.



The elegant Indus Restaurant is clearly visible on Sukhumvit 26 Road


From Phrom Phong BTS walk 7-8 minutes along Sukhumvit 26. If your eyes are getting older, you can click the image to make it even bigger!


Or if you prefer Google Maps directly :

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