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    • Good link. The summary for the book starts :

      In my new book Dead Drunk I discuss how a Thai temple called Wat Thamkrabok helped me beat my addiction to alcohol. It is now almost four years since I left the temple and it really does feel like my addiction has; been completely defeated. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but all I can say is that alcohol does not seem attractive to me at all these days. I have experienced some wonderful highs in recovery; highs that would have once offered plenty of reason for alcohol-fueled celebrations. I have also needed to deal with lows that previously would have had me running to the bottle

  1. I remember watching a clip about this ‘temple’ on YouTube – the black monk – I can;t remember his name now – looked like a particularly scary chap! His story about how he came upon the temple and found his ‘calling’ is interesting. I must say that when I heard how he talked to some of the ‘druggies’ I was suprised that a monk could utter such things. But then again, I was suprised when I heard that one ‘orahaan’ kicked a monk in his charge to the floor in order for them to get him out of his sulk and ‘wake-up’; I guess that there are various ways to train humans and the human mind, and that it is the result, the liberation from addiction in the druggies’ case or understanding the correct view for the monk in question, that is important. Although I struggle to see the ‘metta’ in some of these methods – perhas that is my failing, not theirs!
    Anyhow, an interesting place nevertheless, although a temple that I hopefully won’t be visiting soon!