Visiting Sayadaw – Talk Thrs Oct 8th

Dhamma Talk

Thursday 8th October

with visiting Bhikkhu

Venerable Sayadaw  U Thuzana


Panditarama Forest Meditation Center in Mynmar

  • 6:00 – Gather at Ariyasom Villa for Coffee and refreshments
  • 6:30 – Dhamma Talk (relating to Mahasi Sayadaw style meditation)
  • 7:15 – Group silent meditation
  • 8:00 – Q&A
  • 8:20 – Finish (people are welcome to stay longer and talk with Sayadaw)

Thursday 8th October we will be back at the beautiful Ariyasom Villa Bangkok Boutique Hotel with visiting Myanmar meditation master Sayadaw U Sujana (Thuzana). He has been teaching meditation in Chiang Mai over the Rains retreat period, and will be in Bangkok for just 2 days before flying back to Myanmar. We are glad he will be able to share some of his experience with us during his short visit. He will be accompanied by a German Bhikkhu.

Sayadaw will be at Ariyasom for lunch (11 am) and through the afternoon, so people free in the day are welcome to come and meet/chat/meditate with Sayadaw during the day also.

Topic for this dhamma talk: “The way to happiness through vipassana meditation“. The discourse will be about virtues leading to spiritual welfare:

  1. To be endowed with faith; accomplishment of confidence
  2. To be endowed with morality; accomplishment of virtue
  3. To be endowd with generosity; accomplishment of charity
  4. To be endowed with wisdom; accomplishment of wisdom

Then, he will give guidance to the group of audience on Vipassana meditation.

Sayadaw-U-SujanaSayadaw U Sujana (U Thuzana) is the disciple of Ovadacariya Sayadawgi U Panditabhivamsa of Panditarama in Myanmar. Previously, he was the meditation teacher (Kammatthanacariya) in Malaysia Buddhist Meditation Centre (MBMC), Penang, Malaysia. He speaks English well and teaches vipassana meditation, based on the Mahasi Saydaw techniques – more information about Sayadaw U Sujana (U Thuzana)



65 Sukhumvit Soi 1, Sukhumvit Road,
Klongtoey Nua, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110
Tel. 02 254 8880

Click here for further information on Ariyasomvilla

Directions couldn’t be easier. Go down Sukhumvit Soi 1 straight to the very end, and you will see Ariyasom Villa on the left.

For Skytrain users, take the Ploen Chit Station.

Map to Ariyasom

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(Click here to go to Ariyasom Villa’s map)

ariyasom-lunchNote the monk in this picture is not the guest speaker on Oct 8th – just letting you know what the room is like if you have not been before.


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    1. We have invited Sayadaw to lunch at 11 am so it starts then. The actual formal talk is in the evening according to the times gives. During the day is a free-for-all. He will likely receive guests, talk with the visitors and maybe do some meditation together. Pandit Bhikkhu

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