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David Hawkins definition of Ego — 2 Comments

    • This was a Pali Text Society translation … I think of the work ‘Sakkaya’. It can also be thought of as ‘personality’ or mistakenly as ‘self-view’, though there is an argument for the latter. One instance of the word is sakkaya ditthi which means ‘coming from the view of your ego-self’ (not self as in atman/anatta) or ‘false view of individuality’. The reason that the PTS, who were pioneer trnaslators over 100 years ago, used the word ‘pack’ was to emphasise that the ‘person’ is a compound of many different aspects which together we can give a label. Much like a ‘car’ is not actually self existent, but is a collection of many parts. So the ‘self’ as an atman is said to be unfindable in Buddhism, but that does not deny that there is a collection of thoughts, memories and form that makes up a human.