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Dhamma talk/meditation with Abbots of Abhayagiri Temple — 6 Comments

  1. I might mention, when I was a novice in England Ajahn Sumedho was generally away travelling/teaching. The temple operated very well without him, but there was a vacuum at the top.
    At this point Ajahn Amaro swept in from the US, and there was a general uplift in the atmosphere. He could take control and put a steady hand on the tiller, with his easy manner and great Dhamma Talks. There was always something of a buzz of interest and sharpening of committment when he was around. I have not met him again since then, so I am particularly glad he will be here this time.

  2. We are a couple from Sweden, arriving to Bangkok 20 jan.
    We would like to take part of this teachings.
    We are buddhists and our sangha is Karme Tenpe Gyaltse, Stockholm.
    Is it OK?
    May triple gems bless you all

  3. เจ้จัยฟ้าสงมาไห้ ยุวพุดเค้าส่งมาไห้ดูอ่า

  4. sorry that i heard lately. if this such seminar is hold again, please let me konw.
    thank you for your kindness
    natpawee k.