Meditation Retreat with Mae Chee Brigitte

1st – 9th January 2010

International Meditation Retreat

With Mae Chee Brigitte

This retreat will be held in a temple outside Bangkok (roughly 700 baht taxi from town) – the same temple where Phra Frank resides – most regulars will know him well. A very good way to start the new decade!

Mae Chee Brigitte is a German nun practising in Thailand for 20+ years. She has gained a good reputation for teaching meditation over the last decade, and in fact will be awarded for this service in December by HRH Princess Chulabhorn. Retreat will be in English, with Thai and German included as appropriate. Suitable for new and old meditators – with some personal guidence given as desired.

It is possible to attend for just part of the period, though preference will be given to those who can stay the whole 9 days. Daily schedule will include guided group sitting and walking meditation throughout the day, with some breaks. Meditation is Vipassana Insight style.  Click the image below to link to her website:

3 replies on “Meditation Retreat with Mae Chee Brigitte”

  1. Nice shot of the “lake”…but it is – Anicca – gone already!
    It is now a field,
    that will be the site of our temple’s grand pillar-setting ceremony on Sunday, December 27…

    NOT “December 29” as I had previously broadcast.

    Yours in the Dhamma,

    Phra Frank

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